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The Triangle Finnish Association is a social/cultural club made up of Finns, Finnish-Americans, and Friends of Finland living in the Triangle area of North Carolina. TFA members are committed to furthering fellowship among the Finnish-American community and encouraging interest in Finland and Finnish culture in our local communities. We began informally in about 1980, when Annikki Giggins called together some fellow Finns in the Raleigh area for an Independence Day celebration in her home. These December gatherings continued, growing in size year by year. The club became formalized in 1991, when the name Triangle Finnish Association was adopted, board members nominated, and officers elected.

Over the past several years TFA has established a Finnish presence in the area by meeting together on special occasions like Independence Day, Laskiainen (Shrove Tuesday), and Juhannus (Midsummer Day), Vappu, Piirakka party and by participating in the annual Raleigh International Festival, introducing roughly 25,000 people who attend each year to some of the unique traditions of Finland. The Finnish booths at the festival have featured presentations on Juhannus, name day traditions, Christmas customs in the land of the Joulupukki, and the wonders of the sauna (including construction of a full-scale sauna in the Raleigh Civic Center).

Though all meetings are open to anyone who would like to participate, we do have a Board to make sure the books are kept up, mailings are done, and events are planned.

TFA's Bylaws


The TFA Board 2022




Pirkko Urli

President Elect

Anne Ampuja


Jeanne Kemppainen


Mervi Fantasia

International Festival

Riitta and Antti Virtaranta

Web Master

Riitta Virtaranta

Past President

Marcus Maxwell


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